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Helping to manage type II diabetes–a chronic disease that involves problems regulating blood sugar—can be challenging.If you are identified as having risk factors, you should get tested because you may not exhibit visible symptoms. Find out how a MinuteClinic® at CVS® HealthHUB® can help screen for, monitor and manage type II diabetes-and help with possible lifestyle changes you can make if you or a family member are diagnosed. With the right lifestyle and treatment plan, HealthHUB may be able to help you manage your condition and its associated health issues.

Get Help with Managing Your Diabetes

You can get a blood sugar screening or A1C test at a MinuteClinic within a CVS HealthHUB with a blood sample from your finger. Your MinuteClinic provider will review your test results with you as well as any necessary modifications to your treatments to help you to monitor and manage your diabetes between visits with your doctor. Your provider will explain your treatment, which commonly includes glucose checks and medication and could include oral or injectable therapy. Supplies for type II diabetes are available at select CVS Pharmacy locations.

Adjust Your Overall Lifestyle

In patients with type II diabetes, high blood sugar can lead to serious complications like heart disease, kidney disease and loss of vision. If you’re living with type II diabetes, improving your overall health can make a difference. This approach may include adequate sleep and stress management, among other lifestyle changes. Exercise and a healthy diet may be able to help type II diabetes patients reduce their blood sugar levels.

Understand Your Condition

Learning about your condition and self-monitoring can help you understand why lifestyle choices like diet and exercise can be so important. In patients without diabetes, the pancreas releases insulin to help convert blood sugar into energy and store more for later. If too much blood sugar, or glucose, enters the bloodstream over time, blood sugar can go up and cause weight gain, which can be a risk factor for type II diabetes.Stick to Your Healthy Meal PlanIf you have type II diabetes, a healthy diet can help you control your blood sugar. 

  • Choose nutrient-rich foods like vegetables. 
  • Try fiber-rich foods like beans, nuts and whole grains in moderate amounts to help you feel full longer.
  • Cut back on processed foods and food high in saturated fats. 
  • Eat meals in healthy portions, which may help you maintain a healthy weight.

Get Active

Exercise is another resource you can use to help manage your blood sugar. Weight loss can help lower your blood sugar level. For support, HealthHUB offers resources like coaching through the MinuteClinic® Weight Loss Program. The program is designed to help you lose weight by pairing you with a trained practitioner who helps develop your plan, set realistic goals and keep you on track to a healthier lifestyle.